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6 Vegan Diet Innovations from Sweden To Try Out Next Year

Notable online review platform ReviewsBird gives you first-hand information on Swedish companies in different works of life that you should know. That aside, innovation and evolution are constant and continuous in different fields. Have you ever imagined that vegan diets would also feature on the list of areas where newer innovations are possible? Well, here you have it.

Over the years, changes have been made based on several kinds of research, tests conducted, and a large percentage of vegans’ satisfaction with specific diet types. This is on a general vegan diet landscape. Narrowing it down to Sweden, there are also newer and interesting diet innovations from Sweden that are worth the try. Below is a list of them.

While there are different diet diet companies in Sweden, here’s a list of the Sweden-originated vegan diets you want to try.

1. Organic veggie burger mix

Have you ever thought of the possibility of making a meat-free burger yet tasty? Sounds impossible, right? Well, a Swedish-inspired vegan diet innovation has brought it to fruition. Now it’s a reality. Some ingredients used here are chipped veggies, veggie burger mix, whole grain wheat and oats, and some organic ingredients.

2. Vegan bolognaise

This is one of Sweden’s popular classic vegan foods. It’s made healthy such that it’s sugar and gluten-free, yet maintaining a unique taste. It’s usually brought as a ready-made meal, preservable, and safe for reheating. The vegan bolognaise is mostly served with soybean pasta with kale pesto.

3. Caviar

Caviar is a Sweden-inspired vegan food made from seaweed. Have you ever heard of accidentally discovered food? This is one. The funny thing about caviar is its striking resemblance to the actual caviar. It’s tasty too.

4. Pastej

Pastej is a Sweden-based vegan food you should try. It’s a unique version of the kidney-based spread and is very common in Sweden. It’s very delicious as a sandwich spread, well, this is according to the Swedish people. Giving it a try wouldn’t hurt.

5. Beetroot tofu patty

Regular tofu is made from curdled soy milk and is a very protein-rich food. It’s simple and nice, and that’s all there is. However, this Beetroot tofu patty is different because it comes with chunks of beetroot, nutty chickpeas, and delicious flavor and is made to have a great texture. All the ingredients used are strictly vegan. Although the beetroot can be prepared alone in different ways too.

6. Veggie Sausage

If you’ve ever thought about a possible way to make people, especially children, enjoy vegetables instead of hamburgers and hot dogs, well, people have thought about that and have gone ahead to provide a solution. Here, vegetables have been blended with soy protein so that it’s tastier. This makes it great in sausage stew too.


A good percentage of the Swedish populace maintains a type of diet that keeps them constantly discovering newer vegan food types. Many of which have turned out to be great. Whether or not you’re a Vegan, you should try them out.